Basic parameters
1. Support video resolution: within 100 m maximum resolution support 1920 * 1080 DT-7044
                                  Within 200 m maximum resolution supported 1280 * 720 DT-7044A
                                  Within 300 m maximum resolution support 800 * 600 DT-7044B
                                  Within 150 m maximum resolution support 1280 * 1024 DT-7044C
2. Support USB wireless keyboard and mouse.
3. Support DOS, Windows, NT, Linux and other operating systems.
4. VGA interface uses isolation coupling technology to support VGA video signals from all computers, hard disk recorders and other equipment.
5. With USB interface to connect a computer, hard disk recorders and other equipment, compatibility strong, stable performance, easy to use.
6. All interfaces are hot-swappable, easy to use.
The receiving end with the clarity and brightness adjustment function (using the included screwdriver to adjust).
8. real-time synchronization signal transmission without delay.
9. without setting, no drive, plug and play.
10. Built-in mine management, effective lightning.
11. A metal shell, heat dissipation and better
12. Operating temperature: -25 ℃ -70 ℃
(Cable Specifications: UTP cable line with YD / T1019-2001 standard model: (UPT-5e) HSYV-5e, 4 * 2 * 0.5 six 4UTP cable, type:. HSYV-6 4 * 2 * 0.5)
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