Product Use: This is a support for 3D, 4K * 2K resolution support for Ultra HD HDMI splitter, it can easily be assigned an ultra-high-definition signal to multiple displays support ultra-high-definition signal. In addition, when it's connected to a signal output terminal HDMI cable, HDMI signal can be amplified. HDMI splitter can be used in all areas require HDMI signal distribution and combination: military, multimedia, television and telephone conference, large screen display, exhibition areas, finance, research, meteorology, supermarket, conference systems. Product Features: 1. Assign one HDMI signal input into a multi-channel HDMI signal output
2. The perfect support for 3D signal
3. Support 4K * 2K resolution
4. Support CEC
5. Support 340MHz / 3.4Gbps Single Channel Bandwidth
6. Support 24/30/36/48 dark
7. Supports Blu-ray DVD24 / 50 / 60fs / HD-DVD / xvYCC
8. audio formats DTS-HD / Dolby-trueHD / LPCM7.1 / DTS / DOLBY-AC3 / DSD / HD (HBR)
9. Use AWG26 HDMI standard cable, transmission distance up to 25 meters, 15 meters input and output 10 m
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